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Since you can't visit the museums in person due to the COVID-19 outbreak, you can still get your art "fix" by viewing their Art Museum Touring pages. Visit museums' websites to see their collections and permanent exhibitions.

Art Museum Touring is continuing to add new images to the museums' pages on our website. Each museum's page is being updated to show the exhibitions that they planned to have on view at this time.  However, all dates are subject to change once it is safe for the museums to reopen. We all hope that will be in the next few weeks.

Most of the museums are offering ways to digitally interact with their fans offering special programs and web tours, programs for kids who are having to be home because of school closings.  Check out the museums's websites to see what each has to offer.

Art Museum Touring is leaving the previous newsletters up since they have exhibitions that will be most likely still be on view when the museums reopen.

Obviously, since museums are closed, planned events are either postponed, or canceled.

Note: The closures are causing a huge loss of revenue for the museums. If you can, any donations to the musuem, renewal of memberships, etc., would be greatly appreciated!

Stay safe!

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Press Release 4-30-2020

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