New Exhibitions This Week (November 3 - 9)
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Pia Camil: Skins

Traditional Woodenware from Slovenia
Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion Wyeth: Andrew and Jamie in the Studio

Vincent van Gogh - The Poplars at Saint-Rémy, 1889
Ancestors: Ancient Native American Sculptures of Tennessee
Come as You Are: Art of the 1990s Jane Haskell's Modernism: A Pittsburgh Legacy Thomas Spake: Fragile Illumination Charles Cagle: The Shock of the New
Miami Beach: From Mangrove to Tourist Mecca

Open Arms Care Flying Brushes: Unbound
Gianfranco Ferré Designs In Focus: Nikki S. Lee

Philodendron: From Pan-Latin Exotic to American Modern
After The Moment: Reflections on Robert Mapplethorpe
WONDER, WHIMSY, WILD: FOLK ART IN AMERICA Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye MaryAnn Bonjorni: Legends Are History
Dames: Portraits by Norman Sunshine

Picturing the Americas: Landscape Painting from Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic
Plays of / for a Respirateur: An Installation by Joseph Kosuth Edgar Degas - Portrait of Mlle. Hortense Valpinçon, c. 1871

Anthology: Visual Narratives from Nashville's Print Community
Krizek Photography: Dr. Craig Krizek, Norton, KS
Road through Midnight: A Civil Rights Memorial.: Photographs and Oral Histories by Jessica Ingram Larry Silver: Then and Now at the Housatonic Museum of Art From Realism to Abstraction: Tennessee Painting 1920 to 1970

Elizabeth Sanford: Inside the Understory
Art in Wood: Philadelphia’s American Craft Council Fellows ThinkSmall8!

Orange Oratory
The White Shirt According to Me. Gianfranco Ferré

35 new exhibitions - 13 close

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