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Alison Oulette-Kirby and Noah Kirby: A Dog Looks at a Bishop

Underground: Photographs by Kathy Sherman Suder
Russian icons: Imperial Treasures 2013-2014 ROBERT C. MAY LECTURE SERIES EUGENE RICHARDS

Rugs of the Caucasus
Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon: Wixarika Arts of Modern West Mexico
Cauleen Smith, 2014: An exhibition of the 2014 Dallas Biennial Where Children Sleep: Photographs by James Mollison
Take 10: Collectors' Circle 10th Anniversary

Into the Light, Part II
Mirroring the Saints: The Jesuit Wierix Collection from the Church of De Krijtberg, Amsterdam with Prints from the Carlos Museum and the Melion-Clum Collection Quilts of New England

Rags Rugs & Weavers :A Living Tradition
Selections in the Decorative Arts Julianne Swartz: How Deep Is Your Val Curry: Universe
Industrial Sublime: Modernism and the Transformation of New York’s Rivers, 1900-1940

Adrian Sturdivant Masami Teraoka: Inversion of the Sacred

My White Friends: Photographs by Myra Greene
School Block Challenge Paul Whitener Memorial Student Art Show: Elementary School Division

26 new exhibitions - 17 close

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