Harwood Museum of Art
Taos, NM
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Silver-blue crown and red plastic tablecloth, 2016-19
Exhibition: Jonathan Blaustein: Party City is the Devil
09/06/2019 - 10/10/2019 (more information)
Jonathan Blaustein
Silver-blue crown and red plastic tablecloth, 2016-19
dye sublimation on aluminum print
Exhibition: Susan Folwell: Through the Looking Glass
07/05/2019 - 01/05/2020 (more information)
Susan Folwell
micaecous clay and paint
Birth Power, 1984
Exhibition: Judy Chicago: The Birth Project from New Mexico Collections
06//02/2019 - 11/10/2019 (more information)
Judy Chicago
Needlework by Sandie Abel
Birth Power, 1984
Embroidery over drawing on silk,
20 x 20 inches
© Judy ChicagoJudy Chicago
Exhibition: Alicia Stewart: Unfinished .
06//02/2019 - 11/10/2019 (more information)
Alicia Stewart
The Nest, 2017
oil on canvas, 48x48
Courtesy of Tamara Stewart
The Nest, 2017
Exhibition: Embroidered History: Colchas and the Stitch that Defined a Region
06//02/2019 - 11/10/2019 (more information)
Frances Graves
Virgin on a Crescent Moon, c. 1940
Colcha (wool)
gift of Eugene Williams


Harwood Museum of Art
238 Ledoux Street,
Taos, New Mexico 87571
ph 575.758.9826 | fx 575.758.1475


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Sunday: Noon-5 pm

The Museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday


The museum is closed

  • Thanksgiving Day
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  • Closed at 3 p.m. on the day before Thanksgiving
  • Closed at 3 p.m. on December 24
  • Closed at 3 p.m. on December 31


$10 Adults

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Free to youth age 18 and under
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Free to University of New Mexico students, faculty and students
Free to Taos County Residents every Sunday
Free to Military with ID and their families

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About the museum:

The Harwood Museum of Art brings Taos arts to the world and world arts to Taos.

The mission of the Harwood Museum of Art of the University of New Mexico is to collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret the arts, especially those created in, inspired by, or relevant to northern New Mexico. The museum advances the University’s mission and engages diverse audiences by stimulating learning, creativity and research through exhibitions, programs and publications.

A Brief History of The Harwood Museum 1916-1922
In the early part of the 20th Century, many artists were drawn to the Taos area to pursue a new, truly American art devoid of industrial influence, inspired instead by New Mexico's landscape and light and the traditional Native American and Hispanic cultures of the region.

The Harwood Museum collection brings to the public a unique record of this artistic convergence from its beginnings to the present day. The embracing spirit of the Harwood was established by artists Burt and Elizabeth Harwood. In 1916, the Harwoods left their residence in France to move to Taos. They immediately purchased the Ledoux Street property which contained several small adobe buildings. By 1918, significant development had taken place under Burt Harwood's direction. He remodeled the buildings using many local traditional construction techniques. The Harwood complex, then called El Pueblito, was on the forefront of the Pueblo/Spanish Revival and restoration movement in New Mexico. Below, is an image of The Harwood in 1916.

The Early Harwood Foundation 1923-1935
From the beginning, the Harwoods' home was the town's only library. When the Harwoods discovered Taos had no library, they opened their extensive private collection of books to the public. By 1926, the Harwood Library was established and the community generously supported the growth of its collections. Mabel Dodge Luhan donated books from her private collection, contributed funds, and inspired other major support.

From 1924 on, much of the Harwood was given over to exhibitions. Even into the 1970s, clay pots, Native American artifacts, Hispanic textiles, Patrociño Barela's wood sculptures, 19th Century retablos, and a cannonball said to have come from the 1847 bombardment of Taos Pueblo adorned the Library, offices and hallways.

The University of New Mexico 1935-1945
In 1935, the Harwood Foundation was given to the University of New Mexico (UNM). As part of UNM, the Harwood received core support from the University and functioned as a base for University programs in Taos County. The Harwood's potential as an educational institution had interested the University as early as 1929 when it opened its Field School of Art at the Harwood, a program which continued for twenty-six years.

In 1937, UNM and the Works Projects Administration (WPA), working in cooperation to create an enhanced facility, embarked on a major expansion and renovation project of the Harwood complex. Designed by John Gaw Meem, one of the best known architects of the Southwest, the Harwood addition became one of the tallest adobe structures in northern New Mexico, and included an auditorium, stage, exhibition space, and a library facility.

The Harwood 1945-Present
After World War II, Taos and the Harwood entered a new phase to embrace new trends in American Art. The Harwood strives to fulfill its educational mission by presenting special lectures, offering docent tours, and working with local schools and community groups with a variety of special programs. We continue to expand our vision as a cultural center that presents the art of our region while also serving as an important educational asset to northern New Mexico.



Jonathan Blaustein: Party City is the Devil
September 6 - November 10, 2019
(more information)

Susan Folwell: Through the Looking Glass
Friday, July 5, 2019 - Sunday, January 5, 2020
(more information)

Judy Chicago: The Birth Project from New Mexico Collections
June 2 - November 10, 2019
(more information)

Alicia Stewart: Unfinished .
June 2 - November 10, 2019
(more information)

Embroidered History: Colchas and the Stitch that Defined a Region
June 2 - November 10, 2019(
more information)

Studio 238: Afton Love: Ranging
Through August 25, 2019
(more information)


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